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Bullseye TV Gameshow & Darts


*************************************************** * Bullseye - The Official Gameshow App * *************************************************** THE MEMORIES:“You can’t beat a bit of Bully”, “Look at what you could have won”, “Super, Smashing, Great”, “You win nothing but your bus fare home!"You grew up watching Jim Bowen and Tony ‘180’ Green on ITV hosting Bullseye Gameshow, (along with 19million other people) and now is your chance to take part!We have made every effort to replicate the look and feel of the original show….This app includes Jim Bowen and Tony Green, the original music and game sounds, all your favourite classic catchphrases, all the classic rounds. ENJOY!
THE GAME:Can you play darts & answer trivia?* 1 Player* 2 Player via Google Game Services, Bluetooth or Pass and Play.
ROUNDS 1-3:Round 1: Bully’s Category Board - You have 3 lives to hit the categories, answer the question correctly and score as many points as you can before you lose your three lives.Round 2: Throwers & Knowers - You have 90 seconds to score as many points as possible. Throw 3 darts and win that score if you answer the question correctly.Round 3: Bully’s Prize Board Round - “Stay out of the black and in the red” to claim as many prices as you can with 9 darts.
STAR PRIZE BOARD:If you gamble your points and prizes then you must score over 101 to win Bully’s Star Prize!Good Luck!
FEATURES:[] Multi Player & Single Player[] Leaderboards & Achievements[] Local Leaderboard[] 1000 Trivia Questions included in the game.[] Original Theme Tune, Jim Bowen and Tony ‘180’ Green and In-Show Graphics
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Developed and published by Pretty
COPYRIGHT:Bullseye is a trademark of Andrew J Wood Enterprises Ltd.Licensed by Bulldog Licensing
Jim Bowen image and likeness licensed from Jim BowenTony Green audio and likeness licensed from Tony Green
All question content used under license from The Question
MUSIC:‘Bullseye’, written & composed by John Patrick. Published by EMI Music Publishing.Synchronisation, Reproduction, Promotion, Edit and Arrangement rights licensed from EMI Publishing.
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